Eli Project Benefit Concert, Friday, Nov 2, 2016

Eli Project Benefit Concert, Friday, Nov 2, 2016


Support An Amazing Cause At An Awesome Event

John Stringer

Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Lover 

“Come on a journey with us to renew your mind and refuel your soul as you experience an intimate evening where you will hear stories of hope, the message of love and light, and be inspired by the music of billboard charting recording artist John Stringer.”

I’m honored to help raise funds for the ELI Project during a powerful fundraiser at The The George Center for Music Therapy (Roswell, GA) on December 2nd, 2016 | 7:30PM and if you are at all willing to support this beautiful orginization financially, please come out to give and receive!

ELI Project provides love and comfort to families with special needs around the world by hosting events in safe environments where they can come together and connect with others… (more below).

The event is free to attend with an opportunity for you to financially give to the powerful work ELI Project is doing.

Soft drinks, Water, Beer, Wine, and light Hors D’oeuvres will be served.

Reserve your free ticket, seats are limited.

Doors open at 7:30PM.
Adults only event. Childcare is not available.

Address and Parking
The George Center for Music Therapy
12060 Etris Road
Suite 200
Roswell, GA 30075

Located in the Sweet Apple Village shopping complex, directly above Koo Koo Bear Kids on the 2nd floor (for easiest access, park behind Koo Koo Bear Kids and use the double glass doors to access the elevator. If you enter through Etris Road stay to the left and follow the road to the back.

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Give Limitless Love & Light for the holidays and save!

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“Seeing The Perfection” talk

“Seeing The Perfection” talk

I enjoyed speaking at Spiritual Living Center of West Georgia on 11.20.16 and you can review the talk below (see text & video below).

If you’d like to review talks of a similar nature, be sure to also see “The Path of True Selfishness” and “Oneness through Diversity.”

Here’s the video & text from “Seeing the Perfection:”

The topic is Seeing the Perfection.

Yesterday, I watched a very interesting video.. An expose on a certain political family that showed a lot of things I wasn’t aware of, but that even spiritual leaders like Dr. Michael Beckwith recently hinted at by using the word insidious.

I was lead to watch it while preparing for this talk, labeled, Seeing The Perfection and after watching the video, I connected or aligned with source to ask what am I to share.

I share this with you and simply ask that you take breath, align in this moment by simply saying  align in your mind a few times.  Now, if you believe in love and oneness, then I ask that you call upon that highest power to assist you in receiving whatever it is you are here to receive today, in this holy appointed moment, that your mind might be healed of anything that no longer serves it.  And so it is.

Here is what I received:

Now. you have watched this video to see that there is more to what has been going on in the US than you knew. That is OK. All is well and always is. The truth is your consciousness is involved in all sorts of things you would not think allowable but the truth is your consciousness can do anything it chooses and can create anything it desires in this reality. In some cases, your consciousness will never be found out for what it is done except in the awareness of those involved. In other cases, things come to light to reveal what your consciousness is involved in. know that all is well and always is. None of what you have done is worth condemnation or attack. You are a holy son of god. Nothing you have ever done is worthy of judgment or condemnation. This is the truth that I, Yeshua, came to show. That there is no sin. There is nothing that can be pointed to that you have ever done that makes one iota of difference in your holiness. This is the truth of love. You are a holy son of god and all that has ever occurred in this plane is meaningless. You can choose to do whatever you choose and you will feel the consequences of your actions based on the law of love. The consequences for actions taken are simply you either feel bliss or resistance, you either feel judgment or acceptance. That is all. There is no karma when it comes to right and wrong. Only belief. Integrity is not really an issue.

Your beliefs form what you experience. So if you believe that doing a certain action is wrong, you make it so for you and suffer the consequences of judgment, separation and resistance all action is right action. Yes. This is hard to understand when coming from the conditioning you have been immersed in. But how can anyone be holy if all are one and all action is done by the one? Think about this. How can you truly be holy if you are one with all and all action is from the one?  Either there is no right and wrong and you are a holy son of god or there is right and wrong and you are separate, condemned and in need of salvation from and atonement for your sin.

If you are indeed separate and in need of salvation, then you are perpetually in need of it because all make mistakes on a daily basis when it comes to your level of judgement. This is the false belief that has created an appearance of separation, condemnation, fear and the motive for all such destructive motivation that leads to suffering in this life. There is no right or wrong. This is the message of the true gospel Jesus taught. Belief in god’s unconditional love is belief in your true nature and alignment with that love is alignment with your true essence. There is no right or wrong.

Now, the fears you have are understandable because you think you are these separate bodies. But again, there is only one of you hear. All that you do is done to the illusion of form. In form. In a virtual reality that is as meaningless as air. The false constructs, beliefs and the rest you have created that support separation, identification with the body ,etc.,  are the reason the fears come up when you are faced with the reality that there is no right or wrong.  It is very contrary to the conditioned mind’s belief. And your defenses from this truth are many. Fear, denial, offense, the list goes on.

But all can be solved by one question… are you separate from your brother or one?  If you are one with your brother, you are one with all your brothers and sisters.  If you are indeed one, then all action is your action.  So, if all action is your action then there is no action that is not a part of you. If all action is a part of you, then either you are sinful or holy.  The two are mutually exclusive. If you are sinful, then all is lost and God is evil in the flesh. For you are extensions of God as one.  

There are not two here but one – God as the extensions of awareness – the single band of consciousness that is you.  

If you are sinful then god is sinful.  

Your belief is at the heart of the matter. It is the cause of the separation you feel.

Not that you can be separate from god or sinful. For that is a miscreation on your part. But your belief in sin and separation has given this false conditioned thinking power. Thus, you see your brother as sinful and separate yourself from oneness by judging and projecting these judgments upon your brother.

Yet in fact, all you have done is condemned yourself in your own mind. But not in reality. For you are whole, safe and healed. You are in fact, one with your brother, one with god and holy. O action you have ever taken in any from can change that. You are free to make all action in this plane because this creation in and of itself is your own false belief in separation. The form, by its nature, is your miscreation and you journey through it to learn of your true nature. The consciousness that you are is simply here to show the freedom and power of your ability to create, but not to be judged as right or wrong, to simply allow you to experience creating more of whatever you choose in your entirety of consciousness… all consciousness at every level. so , when circumstances and events happen that seem, in your judgment, as catastrophic, evil or dark, you resist and reject yourself further, through judgment, and simply uphold the false belief of the I AM as wicked. Again, either oneness is real and you are wicked or holy, or oneness is false and your are wicked. There can be no other options.

Understand that you could not be redeemed by some magic pardon from a separate god, because it would go against the very definition of good and evil. If evil were true, how could it ever be made good? if a sacrifice could wipe away evil or wrong action and make it right, then what sense would it make that there is right and wrong. Wrong could not ever be made right by fact of what it would be?  

It makes no sense because it is fictitious. The miscreation of wrong is a tool to keep you trapped in separation and fear so that you can not see the oneness.

There is a part of you that knows this however, your conditioning and the false beliefs, the fears, get in the way and create distractions from embracing this truth. This reality that is unmistakable.

Reason has been given to you yet you must call upon it to see it clearly from a higher level of consciousness than you may be used to engaging.  

This is where prayer is most effective.

Asking for guidance, understanding, wisdom from your highest self. God, the holy spirit, source, requesting help in seeking the truth is the only way to undo the misperceptions and conditioned beliefs you have held lifetime after lifetime.

Call upon this higher power of your own to be set free. To awaken. This is why you returned to form time and time again.  Your will is indeed the will of the source of all life.. To awaken to love and see that there is only oneness, there is only god, there is only love.

This is grace in reality. And so it is.

If you are interested in viewing the political video I watched, be forewarned it is full of judgment and conclusions that may or may not trigger judgment for you. This post will help let go of any judgments triggered.  You can view the video here.

Click the image below to join us for 3 all-inclusive days of oneness:

Back from Bali & China, Community Thanskgiving, Big Glow Retreat & more!

Alignment is Empowering


LIfe Teacher. Healer. Singer. Lover.

I returned from Bali and China at the beginning of November and my experience was empowering.  Thank you all for the support and well wishes on the trip!

I’ve enjoyed seeing many of you since I’ve been back and look forward to connecting with each of you in all the ways we will!  See some opportunities below.

“The experience was truly transformational, empowering and enlightening.”


From Bali with Love

From Bali to China — As some of you know, I visited Bali, Indonesia for a transformational event called Gamechanger Live, hosted by Henare & Kate O’Brien. The experience was truly transformational, empowering and enlightening.  It helped me expand into recognizing new ways of accepting all that I AM and helped me expand my awareness to let go of areas I’ve resisted life’s flow.

Two of the biggest shifts for me were 1.) releasing patterns of guilt and shame and 2.) restablishing connectons with loved ones that had long fallen off.

I also made many friends there, whom I’ll cherish from here on, and I’m grateful to be among the international attendees who shared so much together. 

A big thank you to Henare & Kate for putting on / facilitating and leading an amazing event.  Thanks as well to all those who attended and to those of you who supported my going there!

I took a tour of Guangzhou, China on my way back to the US and loved the experience.

You can see video and photo highligts from the trip here.

NEW EVENTS — Kathy and I have been working with many others on some great upcoming events you are invited to, including the following ticketed events:

Community Thanksgiving: Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Healing & Music

Nov 18, 2016 | 7pm | Vista Yoga
Join Ashby Underwood Garner, Ananda Healing, Flournoy Holmes, Kathy Stringer and I this Friday for an evening of GRATITUDE and CELEBRATION with gentle yoga, sound healing, rebirthing breathwork, live music and potluck!  Get advanced tickets for less here.

The Big Glow Retreat: The Art of Manifestation: Relationships, Abundance & Purpose
Dec 9 – 11, 2016 | The Mansion at Namestoy Farms
Brian Piergrossi, Kathy and I team up for our 4th Big Glow Retreat together.  This is an all-inclusive 3-day experience of beloved community that has blessed our lives and those who attend and may bless yours as well. The last 3 retreats sold out in advance and this one has 3 spots left, so if you are so lead, sign up here.
For a detailed list of upcoming events I’ll speak and sing at, visit http://www.johnstringerinc.com/tour/

“The retreat environment calls forth and nurtures my highest self, helps me release negatives and ideas of self-limitation, embrace my potential, and find new wellsprings of joy inside myself”.”

S.K., Sacramento CA


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An Invitation To Hear

An Invitation To Hear




It can be a challenge to stay in an aligned state from moment to moment when you are distracted by meaning you assign to what occurs in front of your eyes or in your awareness. When this meaning isn’t aligned with how God / Love / the Divine sees what is, then you begin to suffer.

You actually create this suffering yourself through creating meaning that is not true.

At the heart of the problem is understanding you have created what is apart from God’s understanding. That understanding you have created is actually meaningless, but your belief gives it power to create the suffering you endure.

All that is required to let go of the suffering is to surrender to God / Source and ask His Holy Spirt – your highest self – to assist you in understanding clearly.   Ask, listen and you will hear the answer you need. 

“God’s spirit will not misdirect you. His spirit will guide you to peace.”


Life Teacher, Healer, Singer, Lover.

This is what I’ve practiced some time now and it has helped me get through the toughest periods of suffering I have miscreated.

I invite you to join me in surrendering to Source – that which you are an extension of – to listen to His voice, through His spirit – your highest self – and be healed. God’s spirit will not misdirect you. His spirit will guide you to peace.

I’m headed to Bali for some sacred time remembering who I am.  If you’d like to support my trip (and work), you can here.  Thanks in advance!

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